Club Kit is ordered on an occasional basis from Champion Systems.  Minimum order size is now only 10 main items.  Please let Rick know if you need to buy some new kit and once we have the minimum quantity we can place the order. Delivery takes a maximum of 6 weeks.

Champion Systems provide a wide range of items, but the short sleeve jersey and bib shorts are what most of us have, as modelled on the right by Jake. Other items some of us have ordered include a waterproof jacket, arm warmers, leg warmers, socks and a gilet (see designs below). Check out the Champion Systems website for a complete list of what's available.

The armwarmers and legwarmers are fleece lined. The waterproof jacket is made from Event fabric. The gilet is made from wind proof but not waterproof material and has a mesh back. The long-sleeve jacket is fleece lined and triple fleece lined on the chest but not waterproof. More details regarding the materials and product specifications are available on Champion Systems website.