Our regular club rides include our base monthly ride which is aims to be more social, plus according to interest and the time of year, weekly short sessions 1-1.5 hours long and longer rides every few weeks. There are plenty of other rides organised on an ad-hoc and unofficial basis by smaller groups of club members. Please check this page and the forum for upcoming rides, and for sportives other members may have entered. We also have a slowly expanding MTB section.


Monthly cafe rides

How hard will it be? We aim to cover 50-100 miles on a club ride - you will therefore need to have a decent level of fitness. Although the emphasis of these rides is on the social side and the group will always wait for the slowest rider, there may be times when we split into a faster and slower group for part of the ride.  The distance will allow for getting out of SW London into the countryside and exploring the lanes, with a mid-ride cafe stop, before returning to London.  Most of our rides will start from SW London and therefore take in routes to the west and south of London. The terrain out to Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Berks, Bucks is not difficult although we will inevitably encounter a few hills in the N/S Downs and Chilterns. 

Ride details will be emailed out to members. 

Other weekend rides

How hard will it be? These rides cover a similar distance and terrain to the monthly rides (i.e. 50-100 miles), but will be ridden at a faster pace (c. 17-18mph average aiming to be back in SW London before lunch) - or in two groups with a faster and a slower pace. But we will still wait for mechanicals, and will probably include a coffee stop. Email for details, or if you're planning a ride and want some company.

Summer mid-week rides

A bit ad-hoc, but worth emailing the group as likely to be some takers for a few laps of Richmond Park or further afield when the evenings are lighter longer (clearly not now it's winter...)

Mountain biking

There are a few of us that occasionally head out to the North Downs trails for a few hours of mountain biking and a lot of fun. Please email if you'd like to join us.

What to bring

Please ensure that your bike is at least functioning - it helps everyone if we can avoid mechanicals.  Please check tyre condition and pressures before the ride.  Be sure to bring 2 spare inner tubes and a pump.  Wear suitable clothing for the conditions, almost certainly including a waterproof top.  A couple of gels and energy bars will help sustain you through the ride.  And please bring a mobile phone, cash and cards for the infrequent emergency or incase you get separated and lost. Take Rick Gradidge's mobile number (07551 474746) in case you are delayed or have a last minute change of plan.


Road manners on Club rides

We do not aim to impose a strict set of conditions - but will take a dim view of those that flout the rules of the road or fail to show respect and courtesy to other road users, not least for your own safety and that of others.  A few guidelines: (1) Do not jump traffic lights - we will wait for those caught between lights. (2) Do not ride on pavements or pedestrian areas, except where permitted - eg bikelanes. (3) Approach slower traffic with care and consideration - eg horse riders, walkers, slower cyclists. And let faster traffic pass where appropriate to do so. (4) Do not use abusive language or gestures, however tempting.  (5) Remember that when riding in Club colours, you represent our Club - public opinion of our Club will be based on our collective behaviour, please don't let the side down.